Tsuyoshi Go Nagano
Tsuyoshi Go Nagano is a Japanese cuisine chef who combines his native rich heritage of Japanese culture with his acquired taste for the modern, organic and “globally hip” Image Credit: Louis Decamps

It’s not as if Dubai is short of top-class Japanese restaurants, but when a new one is launched from the team behind La Cantine du Faubourg and Ninive it’s instantly a big new addition to the city’s dining scene. Mimi Kakushi is the latest opening at the Four Seasons Resort on Jumeirah Beach Road. It’s run by the supremely talented Executive Chef Gilles Bosquet, who’ll be teaming up with Tsuyoshi Go Naga-no, the award-winning Tokyo-born Japanese chef. With décor and atmosphere that aims to transport diners back to 1920s Osaka, it fuses modern art and Japanese street life. Set over two-floors, it’s named after the bobbed hairstyle popular with women at the time, literally meaning “covering ears”. Just as the swinging Jazz era of 1920s Osaka helped introduce modern art and western fashions into the city, so the menu here is an East-West fusion with twists on Japanese classics. Start with the sharing platters of sashimi, sushi, tempura and gyoza before heading onto the ever-popular oven-baked black cod, the Kagoshima Wagyu beef, or grilled sea bass with spicy honey and tamarind glaze, all rounded off with something from the diverse dessert list.

Image Credit: Louis Decamps

The recipe

Grilled sea bass with spicy honey & tamarind glaze, spicy wasabi and tomato relish

For two persons

Cooking preparation: 15 mins

Main ingredients

marinated fillet of sea bass 200g each

tamarind butter 60g

tomato relish 120g

sesame seeds 4g chive 4g

lemon wedge 60g

Step one

Ingredients for the tamarind butter:

unsalted butter 400g

tamarind paste 400g

honey 150g

sriracha chili sauce 200g

Melt the butter on low heat, make sure it’s not burnt. Then mix in all the remaining ingredients.

Cool down and put aside.

Step two

Ingredients for the tomato relish:

heirloom tomatoes 60g

mixed cherry tomatoes 40g

olive oil 20g

yuzu kosho (green chili paste) 6g

kizami wasabi (pickled wasabi stems) 6g

maldon salt 2g

Cut heirloom tomatoes into bite size chunks and the cherry tomatoes in halves. Put both in a mixing bowl, add olive oil, yuzu kosho paste, chopped pickled wasabi stems and salt. Mix all together and put aside to marinate for about 5 min.

Last step

Skewer the fillet of sea bass, baste with tamarind paste and grill it on top of charcoal grill till ready.

Put the grilled sea bass on a plate, add tomato relish and the lemon wedge on the side.

Meet Go Nagano, Sushi Chef at Mimi Kakushi.

Video: Mimi Kakushi