Karine Trioullier
Karine Trioullier has embraced Tik Tok in order to help young people face anxiety and boredom. Image Credit: supplied

The app is for anyone and everyone, not defined by age, gender, occupation or passion. Simply something for everyone to embrace as Karine Trioullier did.

The Covid-19 pandemic ignited many who once poked fun at TikTok to start not only engaging in the platform but taking part in it themselves. It became a coping mechanism for the many people who felt the lapses of boredom, loneliness and frustration during confinement. Karine Trioullier is one flourishing example of initially getting into the app due to the pandemic, which gave her the time and incentive to explore its potential. Trioullier struggled seeing her daughter having to deal with the disruption of her life and projects, so encouraged her to keep active and make herself proud by starting her own small online business. “It took her two weeks to set up her jewellery business and get her first orders. TikTok was the perfect platform to launch a brand and get visibility. I was amazed by her success and mood boost.”

This then triggered pure curiosity in Trioullier who decided “to understand the platform first as a user and as a content creator”. “My first account was in English, @tidabisa, and my goal was to support people who were made redundant in March 2020, following the pandemic situation. Our placement is part of my expertise and I am committed to sharing free tips and advice to talent in the Middle East. Six months later, I started a French account to help young French people, as many of the students were experiencing anxiety, boredom and lack of motivation.”

Trioullier experienced her first viral moment with her first video published for her French account, reaching one million views in less than twenty-four hours. Only aware of the video’s success from her daughter informing her, then a few hours later she was receiving masses of messages from all social networks. The video was spontaneous. “I just woke up and wanted to try my new French sim card. I talked about the ‘Licorn applicant’ and I did not expect at all the video to be seen by many people.” Trioullier has embraced the wonders of this infamous app “all ages, all kinds of professions are active on TikTok. You can learn new skills on any interests you may have: digital, luxe, finances, hairdresser, bus driver, teachers, policeman, lawyer, entrepreneur, students”. Though the app is loved by millions, it can sometimes be communicated that it is only for the younger generation but Trioullier inherently disagrees.

“The belief that the platform is dedicated to teenagers comes from the fact that the original platform was named ‘Musically’. This social network was only for teenagers to perform dances. Since it became TikTok, the concept has drastically changed. 32% of TikTok users are aged between 25 and 34. Everyone willing to share knowledge, following some ‘edutainment rules’, is keen to build a community and gain visibility.”

“Age is not a question compared to Instagram or other social networks. TikTok is the only platform where all ages can communicate and enjoy for different reasons. Silver job searchers should share their expertise on Tiktok and LinkedIn to get more opportunities.”

Finding your niche and what makes you differ from the rest of the users is pivotal to a successful account, being recognizable in two-three seconds, is something Trioullier has found essential in her success. “My glasses were key in my experience. I am used to wearing colourful glasses and I didn’t think it would be perceived as something different. Followers ask me a lot of questions about my glasses. But it is not a strategy, I am like I am in my day-to-day.”

“Creating content on TikTok is more related to authenticity than brand strategy. You should ‘be’ what you ‘say’, your presence is as important as your content. My career coaching experience enables me to know what people need to learn or change to get more results. My niche was already there.”

The power of TikTok is the power of possibility. Each individual is given the same chance. Trioullier commands that “Tiktok teaches you humility and the number of followers will not make you ‘privileged’. Every day is a new day and yesterday’s performance is over, what counts is what you do today”.