In the heart of Paris, Elaine Constantine's lens transports us into a world where Dior's latest creations are transformed into masterpieces of style. Her photographs breathe life into Maria Grazia Chiuri's visionary "Plan de Paris" print, unfurling the city's charming streets and architectural marvels. It's a dreamscape brought to life with a curated collection of fashion's most coveted pieces, including knits, regal coats, graceful dresses, and billowing trench coats.

Constantine's work is an invitation to wander, to get lost in the beguiling charm of Dior's Paris. The images capture the essence of joyful audacity, reflecting the effervescence and lightness that define the Parisian spirit. Through her artistry, Dior's elegance is elevated to an entirely new dimension where each piece tells a story of chic sophistication and timeless allure.

You'll discover that Dior's latest collection is not just a fashion statement; it's an ode to Paris itself. The "Plan de Paris" print by Maria Grazia Chiuri serves as a testament to the brand's deep-rooted connection with the City of Love, celebrating its streets and iconic landmarks.