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One of the biggest casualties of the pandemic was our ability to travel. Lockdowns, isolation, hotel quarantines, safety, employment concerns - 2020 offered myriad reasons for why we couldn’t fly, and, for the first time on a global level, we were left pining to pack our suitcases and escape.

Form meets function

This desire to take to the skies and see new places was the concept industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa drew inspiration from when crafting the Realme GT Master Edition.

In a bold form that also offers useful ergonomic function - as the best industrial design is supposed to - the veteran Japanese designer has created something unique: the first concave vegan leather in a smartphone. The depressed bars along the GT Master Edition’s back are both ultra-soft to the touch and easy to grip, while the Voyager Grey colour is reminiscent of a suitcase.

Stand-out specs

The Realme GT Master Edition doesn’t just look good, but packs plenty of power under the hood while doing so. It’s got a Snapdragon 778G 5G chipset, an unprecedented 6nm process and 8GB of RAM, all of which translates into faster performance and lower battery consumption.

Busy people don’t have time to sit around waiting for their phone to charge when they’ve got things to do and places to be. That’s why the Realme GT Master Edition supports 65W SuperDart charging, to take the phone from 0 to 100 percent battery in just 33 minutes. Would you like to hit the track in the graphically intense Real Racing 3 while you wait? Flash charging lets you enjoy a proper smartphone gaming experience while you top up the battery, which gets to 100 percent in just 38 minutes.

During prolonged gaming sessions, a common issue with high-performance smartphones has been heat. Not anymore. The GT Master Edition’s Vapor Chamber Cooling System brings together a 1,729.8mm² chamber with an enlarged 13,217mm² heatsink to cover every core heat source internally. This not only prevents performance slowdowns - something that can be particularly fatal in competitive online multiplayer games - but also aids battery and processor longevity.

Realme’s Tactile Engine, meanwhile, runs on a linear motor deeply adapted to all aspects of the system, giving you three-dimensional vibration feedback that feels great in the hand, or hands.

Realme GT Master
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Street photography and a special screen

The Realme GT Master Edition’s 64MP primary camera brings something unique to the table as well: a Street Photography mode. The brand spend time speaking to and studying the works of some of the world’s best snappers while designing the algorithms that run this special mode.

Backed by both ultra-wide and macro lens, as well as DIS Snapshot, Instant Focus and Quick Zoom functions, the Street Photography mode allows you to capture the unique, special moments you see in the real world with speed and ease, no matter the lighting conditions.

You can then review your work on a stunning 120Hz 6.3-inch AMOLED screen, built by Samsung. It faithfully reproduces both the most vivid colours and the deepest blacks. Thanks to its 360Hz sampling rate, it’s also ultra-responsive, whether you’re using it to carefully crop something out of a photo or playing a first-person shooter.

With its unique design, powerful specs and cool photography features, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Realme GT Master Edition is far beyond your budget for a new phone.

However, it’s not. The GT Master Edition is available on pre-order until October 13 for Dh1,449 from Axiom Telecom, the leading distributor of mobility devices in the region. Pre-order customers get a free Realme Buds Q wireless earphone set.

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