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Micro-Star International, better known as MSI, is a multinational information technology corporation. MSI designs and develops computer hardware and related products including motherboard, CPU, graphics card, servers, etc. Most importantly, MSI is best known for their gaming laptops.

The company has designed slim laptops for power users as well as business laptops with great success. MSI is one of the best (gaming) laptop brands that cannot be compared with any other regular brand. Sitting at the top of the industry, MSI has always been the beacon in the gaming industry, being the first few to take a leap in the market since 2007.

Purchasing a laptop can be quite a decision. The good news is, MSI caters to every individual’s needs today. If you are a gaming person, then there is already an amazing and most complete line-up of MSI laptops to choose from. Moreover, MSI brought the high-quality production to the business professionals, giving people more options when looking for premium laptops for everyday usage and now have every reason to purchase MSI business laptop today.

Why buy MSI Business Laptops?

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High-quality display with MSI True Color: Not only does MSI equip with high quality standard displays, but they embed their hardware to work with unique software. One such is True Color which provides display screen profiles to help you adjust screen profile, brightness and colors according to the task at hand and where you are at.

Specialised business laptops: MSI has taken care and done their research. They have identified several different sectors within the current work environment and the industry so that you find exactly what you need, just like MSI has done the same for gamers. With this, the customer always has a choice to make an informed purchase, without spending more or less to help achieve what they want to do.

Essentials: The laptop covers daily use applications, including Web Browsing, Video Conferencing, and App Start-up time.

Productivity: The test measures system performance by everyday office software, including the Spreadsheets and Documents.

Digital Content Creation: This test reflects the demands of digital content and media, including Photo Editing, Video Editing, Rendering and Visualization.

Business Professional: Summit Series

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From enhanced security and easily manageable, to cloud-based and virtual businesses the new Summit series covers each business requirement to keep your work safe and easy. This series specifically caters to business needs with innovations in reliability and durability. Your partner for business growth has arrived.

The summit lineup of laptops is purposely made to make your work life easier. The laptops feature durable aluminum bodies in MSI’s professional ink-black sandblasted finish, clearly aiming for a premium business look. Being a business laptop, MSI has put effort into providing robust enterprise-grade security through TPM 2.0, it’s an international standard for a secure cryptoprocessor, a dedicated micro-controller designed to secure hardware through integrated cryptographic keys. Two useful Microsoft technologies are implemented into these laptops as well. Microsoft Autopilot, which lets you customize and automatically deploy every company laptop, which can then auto setup upon login with a company ID; and Microsoft modern standby, enabling an instant on / instant off user experience, similar to smartphones.

The top tier E series lineup also features a touch screen display, AI noise cancellation and an IR camera that supports Windows Hello via facial recognition.

Daily Computing: Modern Series

Light and durable with a balance of elegance and performance, which is perfectly meet your new daily driver for business or educational needs.

The Modern 14/15 is MSI’s answer to modern work laptops aimed at professionals and students; a thin and light-weight laptop with portability in mind, offering decent configurations capable of handling daily tasks. Weighing approximately 1.2kg and with a size of 15.6 mm thickness, this is a compact laptop with a Full-HD IPS-level display and can be configured with the latest 11th-Gen Intel / AMD Ryzen processors.

You can learn more about MSI business laptops by clicking here.