Al Mamzar Park is one of my favourite Dubai parks.
A beach park and a green park all in one, it seems to attract the spectrum of people who make up the population here.

The skate park tucked in the back of the park is a
photographer's dream, with an ever present gallery of young men whizzing from side to side, performing jumps, flips and tricks for their own delight and that of others.

Wide green expanses provide space for ball kicking and kite flying, while the shade of the tree canopies cover families and friends as they relax, barbeque, have picnics, smoke
shisha and otherwise enjoy free time in the outdoors. A

As summer rapidly approaches and daytime temperatures begin to climb, the park is rather empty during the day and
gets more visitors as the sun dips low in the sky.

At night, the park comes alive with residents and visitors who come to enjoy the grass, sand and sea.