A bitter fight
Lebanese singer May Hariri is facing up to six months in jail for kidnapping her daughter Sarah. The singer has lost a bitter legal custody battle against her ex-husband, Osama Shaaban. He claimed that the singer, because of the nature of her career, was an unfit mother. The singer allegedly took her daughter out of the country without the permission of her father, which prompted Shaaban to take immediate legal action. May has already lost two other custody battles over children from former husbands. The first was her daughter from her first husband, whom she married at a very young age. But May hasn’t lost hope and she is still fighting to be able to raise her daughter.
May is even willing to quit her job if it means getting her child back.

Taking charge
Tunisian actress Hind Sabri has stated new conditions for taking part in any series or movie. The actress informed producer Tarek Al Ganayni, who offered her the leading part in the new series Ayza Atgawez (I Want To Get Married) that she will only accept the part if given the authority to select all the other actors and actresses, and even the director of the series!
What a picky actress! Meanwhile, Hind travelled to the Palestinian city of Ramallah to attend the opening of the Qasabah Film Festival. She also visited other Palestinian cities taking part in the celebrations.