Dubai: Roshan, Afghanistan's cellular service provider, has become the first Afghan operator to introduce pre-paid roaming with the UAE.

This now means that Roshan customers can go anywhere in the UAE and use their Roshan SIMs to make and receive calls.

Roshan was the first operator in Afghanistan to introduce international roaming and now has agreements with more than 160 networks in over 60 countries worldwide. It is also the only operator in Afghanistan to soon offer pre-paid roaming with 12 networks in ten key countries, including neighbouring countries.

Over the last three years, more and more Afghans are traveling to neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, Russia and Tajikistan for work, or for personal and family reasons. In order to provide even better quality service, Roshan has also been working closely with operators in these countries to improve the ease of calling.

Roshan's Chief Marketing Officer Altaf Ladak said: "The vastly improved international dialing and international roaming services will contribute substantially to making businesses more efficient. They will put Afghanistan on the world map and facilitate its integration into the global village. This will be particularly beneficial for families divided across borders,traders and the business community, all of whom need to travel to neighbouring countries frequently. With the international roaming facility offered by Roshan, customers can now easily stay in touch with their families and businesses back at home."

Roshan enacts a comprehensive corporate social responsibility programme and is deeply committed to Afghanistan's reconstruction and socio-economic development.