BRANDS has fashionable, trendy and stylish wear for all people Image Credit: Supplied

In light of these turbulent times, the pandemic proved to be hard on businesses and individuals alike, while massively affecting the retail sector. The retail sector was facing agony and moving towards a lingering death. BRANDS resisted the fatal fate by Allah's grace and by staying true to its mission; ‘value for money’.

BRANDS’ mission and core values aligned and harmonised perfectly with what the people wanted, which is to provide fashionable and durable clothing at a suitable price for the masses.

BRANDS is one of a few companies in the Middle East that retained its employees and did not reduce employee salary Image Credit: Supplied

“The situation we are facing today is undoubtedly unprecedented. Consumer patterns have drastically shifted as a result of the pandemic as consumers try to reduce their non-essential purchases to the bare minimum, but this did not affect BRANDS as our focus has always been on offering value-for-money products - this is why we remain successful in turbulent times,” says Dorgham Kamel Shaaban, Chairman and CEO of BRANDS.

The company's strategy is centralised on the idea of catering fashionable, trendy and stylish wear to all people. With a vivid understanding of consumer needs and demands, BRANDS redefines cost structures to offer “more for less”. This is evident through BRANDS’ commitment in providing “Factory Prices” all year-round, where people can benefit from higher discounts as they purchase more items.

“We continue to revolutionize the fashion world by showing our customers that the luxury and grandeur they seek can be attained through ‘value for money’. Value means getting the most of your money for the highest quality. This is what our factory price is about. It signifies that high-end fashion wears, like suits, don’t have to be expensive,” says Shaaban.

BRANDS offers value-for-money products Image Credit: Supplied

Apart from utilising a “value for money” strategy to incentivise customers, BRANDS takes employee welfare and workforce management as a prime duty and concern. Despite the current uncertainty, BRANDS is one of a few companies in the Middle East that retained its employees and did not reduce employee salary; a gesture to recognise employees’ hard work and drive motivation. This is unrivalled in a time where most organisations are either reducing salaries or cutting down on their workforce.

“My employees are my second family. They are the heroes that drive my business forward and I do not cease to empower them to the best of my ability to eliminate their worries and anxieties and ensure they render the highest quality of work," Shaaban added.

BRANDS' commitment to its core values is what sets it apart. Even amidst the unprecedented times, BRANDS is gearing up to open more stores across the region in the first quarter of 2021, whilst staying true to its core values and maintaining its trustworthy relationship with its employees and customers.

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