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Steve Jobs famously said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” What Jobs was saying is that design isn’t merely aesthetic; it is about how people live and interact with products.

Job’s unquestionably successful philosophy can be applied to a multitude of investments - ranging from cars and furniture to technology and property.

Laura Bielecki, Senior Manager - Interior Design at Ellington Properties says that considering elements such as practicality, outdoor space and nature - as well as artistic attributes - are all essential if you’re going to provide a property works for both investors and the people who choose to live in them.

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“As with all Ellington Properties projects, a lot of care goes into the planning, detailing and the execution of our projects. We are proud to present properties that showcase the practical, aesthetic and welcoming details that make your apartment a friendly and livable home.”

Ellington Properties’ latest development is Wilton Park Residences, located in Mohammed bin Rashid City. It’s a low-rise project of two buildings sitting at 12 floors and a home to 320 apartments.

The level of design thinking is apparent throughout. Bespoke kitchen cabinetry is not only designed to utilize space effectively but materials and quality are carefully considered.

We are proud to present properties that showcase the practical, aesthetic and welcoming details that make your apartment a friendly and livable home.

- Laura Bielecki, Senior Manager - Interior Design, Ellington Properties

“Materials are dependent on what kind of project it is, its identity, look, feel and personality,” says Robert D. Booth, Co-founder and Managing Director, Ellington Properties. “We are constantly researching products so for example, we are using a product called Dekton countertops. They are hugely durable, and you can place a hot pot on them and nothing will burn.”

The design character of the properties is a unique mix of international designs Image Credit: Supplied

Bielecki says that Wilton Park Residences have a unique design character for Dubai. “A mix of international design influences, on-trend finishes and details create a well-orchestrated palette of design-led residences” she says. “We have brought British design aesthetics to the Dubai real estate landscape.”

One unique aspect of Wilton Park Residences, which is located within easy reach of amenities such as Dubai Mall and Downtown Dubai, is the development’s relationship with its surrounding natural and green environment.

“Wilton Park Residences incorporates biophilic design to ensure an immediate connection between the buildings’ residents and nature. With direct connection to parks, ample landscaping and integrated interior landscaping, the project is grounded into the site for a healthy and fresh lifestyle,” says Bielecki.

The development is designed to provide residents with a healthy lifestyle Image Credit: Supplied

This connection with the outside environment includes Infinity pools, outdoor yoga areas, apartments that enjoy floor-to-ceiling windows and a seamless cohesion between inside and outdoor spaces. Perhaps, Wilton’s most unique attribute is that - despite being located moments from the epicentre of the city - it is also surrounded by two large parks.

Ellington Properties has sold more than $1 billion of property in Dubai since its launch in 2014. Its Managing Director equates this in part to the company’s attention to detail – particularly when it comes to design thinking. “We’ve got a large interior design team, marketing team and construction firm – in which everyone in the company really thinks about design thinking - putting the customer first and developing a product all around the customer.”

Exceptional design has been tremendously successful for Apple and there’s no reason why this same philosophy shouldn’t apply to property here in Dubai.