25 South in Prabhadevi, Mumbai provides excellent connectivity to shopping arcades, niche restaurants and reputed schools in the neighbourhood Image Credit: Supplied


Curated living spaces that promote the best in urban luxury make 25 South a compelling prospect for the HNIs and NRI on the lookout for prime real estate in one of the world’s most expensive cities

While Indian urban hotspots had their share of highs and lows in past years, real estate prices in Mumbai have largely seen steady appreciation that few cities globally managed to enjoy.

India’s commercial and entertainment capital, Mumbai is home to titans of industry and the nation’s biggest and richest movie stars. However, the city offers few exclusive and premium buildings that do justice to its rich and famous.

Today’s discerning HNI and NRI investor hopes for that something extra to make his home one of a kind, a need that 25 South by The Wadhwa Group and Hubtown hopes to fulfil.

25 South offers spectacular views of the Arabian Sea Image Credit: Supplied

Set in a sprawling 5.3-acre plot in upscale Prabhadevi in South Mumbai, the towering skyscraper offers premium bespoke three- and four-bedroom apartments ranging from 136.03 square metres to 290.30 square metres.

Offering the best of both worlds, 25 South promises spectacular views of the Arabian Sea while being just a stone’s throw away from the urban creature comforts including expansive shopping arcades and niche restaurants, as well as prestigious educational institutions and reputed hospitals that make Prabhadevi such a coveted neighbourhood. A clear title and an open and slum-free plot without a public car parking scheme promise privacy in the middle of a bustling locality for residents of 25 South.

25 South offers a range of bespoke three- and four-bedroom apartments Image Credit: Supplied

“The location makes it a popular choice for the who’s who of the city,” says Navin Makhija, Managing Director, The Wadhwa Group. “It offers a close match to the requirements of HNWIs and NRIs across the globe in terms of mesmerising views, gentry and connectivity providing the best worth for their investment.”

The essence of 25 South is not based on the location and views alone though. Drawn up by Hafeez Contractor, one of the biggest names in modern architecture and design, 25 South presents distinctive styling cues that set it apart.

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Design highlights

“The project has been meticulously designed and visualised to incorporate our proprietary design philosophy, VentiLit, which emphasises the elements of height, light and air, and allows for bespoke homes that can be tailor-made and customised to the requirement of individual families,” says Navin Makhija. “After more than 150 design iterations, we are satisfied that we have been able to maximise sea views and city vistas from every apartment. The towers are strategically aligned so that they are in the sun’s trajectory and wind’s path, allowing ample sunlight and air to flow through each residence. More importantly, the towers are aligned to ensure that all sea-facing apartments are in the shade during the day.”

Being in tune with nature, the project welcomes the elements.

Another interesting feature incorporated at 25 South is thermal stacking - as temperatures build up along the height of the building, thanks to this feature, instead of the hot discharge getting blown away from the sides of the building, it rises up to vent out from the top. As a result, homes are cooler even with the air conditioning turned off.

Primed for a truly bespoke living experience, the apartments are also majorly beamless, offering residents the flexibility to customise their homes in tune with their needs. What this also does is provide maximum open areas and vast unrestricted spaces for recreational activities.

The facade of 25 South is an extension of the unique styling within. An architecturally pleasing and aesthetically designed pattern created in concrete using Formliners, the feature, in addition to enhancing the overall appeal of the building also makes it easy to maintain and acts as a fire safety guard as well, helping prevent the spread of fire. The usage of bus bars instead of regular electrical wiring is an additional fire safety feature.

25 South offers expansive and opulent bedroom spaces Image Credit: Supplied

Swim, meditate, relax

Luxurious and functional, the range of amenities at 25 South extends to the outdoors with a swimming pool and kids’ pool, a meditation corner to catch up on some me time, a play area for the kids, an open-air amphitheatre, outdoor barbecue spaces, a themed garden area, as well as designated relaxation areas for senior citizens. For fitness fans, the fully equipped gym at the clubhouse or the squash court should do the trick. The wellness spa, a multipurpose room for indoor games, a mini theatre and a party hall with an outdoor lawn round off what’s on offer at the clubhouse.

25 South heralds a new era in bespoke living for Mumbai, pointing the path real estate projects ought to take in the city in future. “The modern accents blended to perfection with the impeccable craftsmanship, the water cascading drop-off, and incredible seafront views make this address an oasis in the heart of the bustling commercial capital of India,” says Navin Makhija. “The property offers wide-ranging amenities and elegance, making it a worthwhile experience for every resident who decides to call it a home.”

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