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Creating your new year's resolutions list is always an inspiring task Image Credit: Shutterstock


It’s a time for New Year resolutions, so set yourselves some achievable goals this year, making sure an excellent savings plan is one of them

Setting those New Year resolutions is always inspiring. With 365 new days to look forward to, there is a lot of fun, excitement and challenges that a new year has in store. And what’s more, sticking to these resolutions also ensures that the year works for you. Now, if that is not a heartening prospect, then what is?

Here are five resolutions to help make 2020 your own:

Health is wealth

For those who are given to excess during the New Year’s Eve celebrations that followed into the new year, the end of January is a good time to collect your thoughts, take a deep breath, and hit the gym.

Make a resolution to remain healthy and fit by trying to follow a regimen of your choice, be it a quiet yoga session in your home or a quick hourly jog before heading into work. Regular doctor visits are a must to keep track of your health as well, so ensure you speak to your doctor and book those appointments. At the end of the day the instrument you choose to stay fit is your call to make. Suit your pleasure, but the end game should be to remain healthy through the year and every year thereafter.

Remember to take some time out from life's daily rigours and enjoy some me time

Devoting some me-time

Work pressure and family responsibilities are part and parcel of daily life. As a responsible father, mother, office worker or manager, you owe it to your family or organisation to do the best you can to make it a win-win for those who are dependent on you. However, this does not mean avoiding the small pleasures of life; things that keep you motivated and which you know you need to keep you sane, alive and kicking in a fast, highly competitive and ruthless world. Remember to take some time out from life’s daily rigours to indulge in quality me-time. It might be a night out with friends or taking time out to attend a concert; but taking that time out for your sake is essential.

Revisit old resolutions, and keep them

Just because you failed in keeping a resolution last year does not mean you can’t have a swing at it again. Show some verve; it’s all about your will power and knowing you have what it takes to see your resolution through. But don’t kid yourself by taking on an old resolution just for the sake of making resolutions because this will lead to a failed attempt, again.

Read more

You never stop learning. In today’s digital world where your source of information is a series of 280 characters or an Instagram upload, it vital to turn to the good old book for some quality reading time. From quantum physics to the latest novel from a Booker Prize winner or trends in quantitative economic theory, there is a book for every subject and for everyone. And for those averse to paperback, there is always Kindle or Google Play Books. But be sure you read up on new things this year in order to expand your knowledge.

It's for you to choose the right instrument and the right time and start on the road to savings

Start saving, and continue to do so

It’s never too early to start saving, or too late. From building on your emergency fund to watching the nest egg grow and ensuring your little ones end up in the college or career of their dreams, today’s world offers innumerable options to help you earn, regardless of the kind of money you make. It’s for you to choose the right means and the right time to start on the road to savings.

Starting on your savings journey can be something as simple as setting a small sum taken from your monthly salary or investing in a home and meeting your monthly instalments. And if you are more financially inclined, invest in a financial portfolio with bonds, shares and mutual funds thrown in the mix.

“The importance of savings is highly understated. The very fabric of family life, friendships and relationships can be tested and could hinge on savings and having the money at hand when you need it most. A disciplined savings plan therefore is critical to ensuring you lead a happy and prosperous life in the company of family and friends.”

- Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, CEO of National Bonds

National Bonds offers a series of instruments to help you make an informed decision, create a structured plan and start saving. Owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai, the investment arm of the Dubai Government, National Bonds is a leading investment company that takes pride in its innovative shari'a approach to offer a seamless savings journey to support people to accomplish their financial goals in life.

“The importance of savings is highly understated,” says Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, CEO, National Bonds Corporation. “The very fabric of family life, friendships and relationships can be tested and could hinge on savings and having the money at hand when you need it most. A structured savings plan therefore is critical to ensuring you lead a happy and prosperous life in the company of family and friends.”

From personal products such as the MyPlan and the Education Plan for your child’s education, to amazing Dh36mn rewards programmes that promise not just excellent returns on your investments but wonderful rewards, prizes and gifts, National Bonds UAE is the perfect vehicle to help you on your savings journey and keep your new year resolution on track.