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The Al Wasl dome that dominates the impressive Expo 2020 site in Dubai, is the world’s largest 360-degree projection surface, promising unparalleled experiences in modern display technology. What’s probably more impressive than the dome, though was its installation, achieved in record time thanks to the efforts of Jafza and Jebel Ali Port. The combined advanced infrastructure facilities of these two Dubai icons were harnessed to safely transport the dome to its destination.

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Jafza and Jebel Ali Port are industry benchmarks, helping attract global steel and metal companies to UAE shores. Today, the demand for metal and steel in the country make the UAE the region’s largest consumer. And while pandemic concerns are a reality, sectoral analysts see an industrial resurgence, thanks to an upbeat construction sector and the expediting of project handovers in anticipation of Expo 2020. All this bears good tidings for Jafza and Jebel Ali Port.

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Jafza is a business enabler in multiple ways. The entity offers a plethora of choices for investors and entreprenurs to grow their business, From fast sea, air and land shipment options, to its bouquet of smart trading solutions, and an industrial ecosystem that inspires growth, Jafza has it all and more.

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Jafza is a value partner at The Big 5. Visit them at 620 - Main Concourse, Dubai World Trade Centre today Image Credit: