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K-Pop couple Hyuna and Dawn go public with romance

The K-Pop couple were kicked out of their label when their love story went public

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K-Pop stars Hyuna and Dawn finally went public with their romance, while performing together on New Year’s Eve.

The December 31 performance at the MBC music festival finally saw the couple together two years after stories about their budding romance took the K-Pop world by storm.

Many on social media called this a huge step for K-Pop’s idol culture, where dating is usually frowned up. Fans are also hoping this move encourages companies to be less strict on dating policies.

Both artists were kicked out of Cube Entertainment following the scandal two years ago and Dawn was removed from his group, Pentagon.

They were later signed to Psy’s new company Pnation and have recently released new music.


Hyuna came out with ‘Flower Shower’ towards the end of 2019 and Dawn came out with ‘Money’.

—Marika Sequeira is an intern with Gulf News

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