Johnson Thomas
Gulf News captured the progress UAE went through beautifully, says Johnson Thomas, Managing Partner of First Flight Couriers (Middle East) LLC. Image Credit: Supplied

Gulf News is a point of reference in the UAE. It has always pushed for accuracy and transparency in its journalism. We check our facts and never promote rumours. Innovation is key to the way we function. Today, we are present across digital, social and print platforms, bringing readers news as it happens, unbiased, round the clock. And our readers stick with us because of it....

'I got to know about Burj Khalifa from the newspaper!’

As a travel and tourism industry expert, I understandably have to stay updated with worldwide current events and I have chosen Gulf News as my trusted source for almost four decades.

I arrived in the UAE in 1979 and subscribed to the newspaper in 1982, in Abu Dhabi, the city I first lived in.

Work ventures

Moving to Dubai over the years, I had to take the subscription along because Gulf News had become part of my daily life and useful in my work ventures.

Being in the industry and being a businessman, I needed to stay updated with news from the UAE, the Gulf as well as worldwide, and Gulf News has always helped me do so.

Reading the newspaper became a part of my daily routine. Every morning, as soon as I wake up, I have to have my black coffee as I scan through the newspaper.

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Capturing the progress

I have basically witnessed the changes the country has gone through, coming here 40 years go. When I first started reading the paper, the UAE and Dubai were very different from what they are today.

I remember Shaikh Zayed Road with only two high-rise buildings, the Dubai World Trade Centre and the famous Toyota Building.

Some parts of the road did not have streetlights, I remember seeing that when I travelled from one emirate to another.

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The changes that came in the coming years were beautifully covered by Gulf News and the newspaper has a big role in highlighting the milestones of the UAE and Dubai.

They kept businessmen like me, and the general public up-to-date with all the rapid changes that were taking place, whether it be about how the economy was growing to what new building is being built.

For instance, I remember when Dubai announced building the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, I read that one morning in Gulf News.


Not only that but I also get to know about all the new rules introduced by the government and everything the country has to offer us from the newspaper.

For example, the 10-year-visa was introduced in Dubai recently, and I got the news from Gulf News. I was delighted by the wonderful efforts of the Rulers of Dubai. I got the 10-year-visa and got interviewed by the newspaper. I can definitely say that Gulf News has been a part of my journey and has helped the public connect with the authorities at every point.

— As told to Falah Gulzar, Social Media Reporter