Ehab Soheih
Ehab Soheih Image Credit: Supplied

I moved to the UAE from Palestine in 1976 and witnessed the birth of Gulf News in 1978. I fell in love with it the moment I saw the first edition and from that day until now, for 41 years, I have never missed a day.

It is my favourite newspaper and the first thing I begin my day with along with my morning cup of coffee. I quickly glance for all GCC news on page one, and take in a selective grasping of world news as well.

What I really love reading about is retail news about shopping festivals and events happening around town; I check the stock market graphs and the Business section.

Recently when the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in the UAE, I particularly liked the coverage and the pictures.

I like the way my ideas on global events and general knowledge has been enriched because of Gulf News. I am old fashioned and love to read a newspaper in the morning.

— As told to Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary, Senior Reporter