Sheeba Jojo
Sheeba Jojo Image Credit: Supplied

I have been a Gulf News subscriber for almost 20 years, and my love for reading the newspaper has been passed down to me by my parents.

A literary journey

As an educator, literature and language was always something I was interested in, and currently teach, so I learnt a lot from reading Gulf News. Back in the day, Gulf News was the only source of news, as there were not many broadcast channels like today. My parents insisted on having me read the newspaper, so much so that everyone around the house had one sheet of Gulf News with them in the mornings. My father would even quiz me on stories I had read, which encouraged the habit of reading. That has stuck on.

I encourage my students to read the newspaper, continuing the circle of learning.

A reflection of changing times

As a child, I came to Dubai in 1980. My parents moved back to India in 1994, and I came back to Dubai in 1997, after getting married. I’ve grown up in Dubai, and have seen it grow around me. This growth was reflected in the content of the newspaper, as well as in the way Gulf News went from being a print platform, to a multimedia digital platform for news. I like the platform provided for readers to share their thoughts, and I have contributed to their sections as well.

— As told to Shreya Bhatia, Reader Interactivity Journalist