Saleem Moopen
Gulf News has been a great part of my photography ventures. It has helped and encouraged many…, like me, to pursue their passion, says Saleem Moopen. Image Credit: Supplied

When moving to the UAE, I was afraid I would lose my habit of scanning the newspaper every morning, like I did back home in the state of Kerala, however, Gulf News gave me the feeling of home.

I started reading the newspaper the day I arrived in Dubai from India in 1988, in my brother’s home where I lived for a while before moving into my own. He was already a subscriber and fond of the coverage.

That same year, the first thing I did was to subscribe to Gulf News. From then on, the newspaper became a part of my life in many ways.

31 years and counting

Currently, I have been a loyal subscriber for 31 years and counting.

When we were fresh in the UAE, my wife and I used Gulf News classifieds to look for jobs, and I even sold my very first car by placing an ad in the newspaper.

I would look for keywords like ‘doctors needed’ to scan for jobs when I first came to Dubai.

Supporting hobbies

When I am not busy helping patients, I am an avid photographer. You will find me taking pictures in the UAE and around the world.

Gulf News has been a great part of my photography ventures. It has helped and encouraged many beginners in the photography field, like me, to pursue their passion.

Throughout the years, I shared my clicks with Gulf News that were published in print and online. Seeing them on a prestigious platform like that really encourages amateurs to continue what they are doing.

Throughout the years, I also won reader pictures competitions multiple times that were held monthly.

Not only that but I have also collected and sold several of my photography equipment over the years through placing ads and contacting people who listed their finds on Gulf News classifieds.

Visual elements

I am a person who loves everything to do with design, so the visual aspects of the layout of Gulf News attracts me most. The way the front page was designed is what caught my eye when I first subscribed.

I am glad I got to see and appreciate the visual changes Gulf News has gone through as the years passed.

I had to get used to some changes that were drastic at times, but I eventually did. Right now, the way the front page is laid out, it’s very easy to pick the stories, I want to read and navigate through them.

- As told to Falah Gulzar, Social Media Reporter