Geordon Rendle
Geordon Rendle Image Credit: Supplied

On the very first day of my subscription last October I won an Audi A4 in a Gulf News subscription competition, so Gulf News will always be my lucky newspaper. Since then I have been an avid reader of Gulf News, and I am reminded of the paper every time I drive to work.

I read the paper from cover to cover every day. My highlights are the front page, because if I don’t have time I can check the headlines for up to date and informed coverage. I appreciate the local pages and especially the sports pages. I always flip to the back pages first because I love soccer, and I’m learning more about cricket thanks to Gulf News.

I also enjoy the Indian and Pakistani section because so much of the UAE is India and Pakistan, so I appreciate that that’s there. Community coverage is also important, especially in my work as a counsellor helping kids adjust to moves in and out of the country, as these sections really help create a sense of belonging in a country that can be otherwise quite transient.

Also, it’s called Gulf News for a reason, and its finger on the pulse of Middle Eastern affairs is also important. It’s helpful and keeps me up to date. I also enjoy reading Friday magazine.

— As told to Ashley Hammond, Chief Reporter