Disha Baldawa
I don’t need to think twice before believing Gulf News, says Disha Baldawa. Image Credit: Supplied

My family and I moved to Dubai in April of 2016. Since my father is a bit old school and likes to read the newspaper, we subscribed to Gulf News from the beginning.

A daily routine

Every morning, my father makes it a point that I read the headlines before I head for school. When I skim through the top stories, I have a rough idea of what is going on in the current world. I try to read the newspaper every morning but if I am running late, I make sure to catch up on the news on the Gulf News website.

Trusted source

Gulf News has been a source of news ever since we got here, and I don’t think my family ever relies on any other source of credible information. My favourite sections to read up are ‘World’ and the weekly section, ‘Reader’s Views’. Reading up about others’ opinions has helped me gain a different sense of perspective on different topics. I even enjoy the mind-stimulating crosswords at the tail end of the paper. Spending a fraction of an hour on this section, pondering about words was a welcome break from the world of, “It’s 10th boards, study”.

Evolving with the city

When I visited Dubai in 2008, the tallest skyscraper was still in works. Now, the regular updates in Gulf News about Expo 2020 or any other news has always been accurate and reliable. I don’t need to think twice before believing the information I read in the paper. Gulf News has 41 years of experience and people’s trust.

— As told to Shreya Bhatia, Reader Interactivity Journalist