Adeep S.L
Adeep S.L Image Credit: Supplied

It was on August 4, 2003, I came to the UAE. I was one. Today I am 17 years old. Without a doubt it was the best gift I could ever get. Spending 16 years of my life in this very nation is something I would cherish forever. This has been my home since I had arrived as a toddler. I have grown up here.

Growing up with Gulf News

Time has indeed gone too fast, but the journey has been worth it. In this journey of mine, Gulf News has played a significant role. It was the first newspaper I was ever introduced to as a four-year-old. I would skim through all the pages of the newspaper just to cut out the fancy cars that featured.

But as I grew older, it became a source to know more about what was happening in Dubai and around the UAE.

Key moments in the city

Despite being younger, I remember the coverage of the Dubai Metro in 2009, and would get updates on the construction through the paper. I got to know about another tallest tower being built in the UAE through Gulf News!

A learning curve

Gulf News also gave me an opportunity and a platform to share my opinions through my articles. I consider myself proud and privileged to contribute to Gulf News and seeing my articles published.

— As told to Shreya Bhatia, Reader Interactivity Journalist