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Dr Zulekha Daud, Founder of the Zulekha Healthcare Group Image Credit: Supplied

“Gulf News like all things young and modern in the UAE is the symbol of its progress and evolution. When I arrived in Sharjah in 1964, there was none of the services — no municipality, doctor or hospital.

Birth of Gulf News

Things progressed by leaps and bounds, and I was witness to the birth of Gulf News in 1978. I started reading Gulf News in the 1990s and was happy to get my quota of local and international news through the paper. To date I love reading it.

The name and fame of Gulf News right from the seventies to now speaks for the quality and real-time updates it has been providing on all current affairs till date.


Congratulations to the Gulf News team on their four successful decades in the UAE. I always tell my people, if we have to check for authenticity of news, we would first check Gulf News and confirm. It set a benchmark. Health being my sector, I regularly follow healthcare updates and flashes of news from other areas.”

— As told to Suchitra Baipal Chaudhury, Senior Reporter