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Watch video: Syrian pays carload of cash to buy a piece of land

War-ravaged Syria is in grip of economic woes as its currency plunges

Picture from the video.
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Cairo: A video has gone viral showing purportedly a Syrian man carrying wads of cash inside a car to pay for a piece of land in his home country which is experiencing an economic collapse amid a devastating civil war now in its 12th year.

The footage shows a man offloading bags of cash money, estimated at around 25 million Syrian pounds, from the back of a packed car.

The money is piled up in front of presumably land owners to cut the deal.

Gulf News could not verify authenticity of the video.


In recent years, Syria has seen economic deterioration including a plunge in the value of the local pound and hikes in prices of essentials.

One dollar equals more than 2,500 Syrian liras.