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Massive hailstorms and rainfall hit Saudi Arabia

Surreal images appear of hailstones in desert; Met department warns of heavy thunderstorms

A camel seen walking in desert sand covered with hailstones in Saudi Arabia.
Image Credit: Abdullah Al Sulaimi/Twitter

Dubai: Massive hailstorms and rainfall have lashed different parts of Saudi Arabia with thick hails seen completely covering the desert sand in Hail city and Asir region.

Social media users have shared photos and videos showing the stunning view of the heavy hails and floods in Mecca, Al Aqiq, Taif, and several other parts of the Kingdom.

A twitter user shared a video in Asir showing hailstones covering vast areas of sand while a camel was seen walking on a white landscape in the desert.

Several cities in Asir also witnessed intense rainfall, accompanied by snowfall, including Abha, Khamis Mushait, Tanuma, and Al Namas.

The Saudi National Centre of Meteorology said it expected heavy thunderstorms and hailstorms in several areas, including Jizan, Asir, Al Baha, and Mecca.