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UAE Crime

Abu Dhabi Customs thwart attempt to traffic 2kg of cocaine

Inspectors found the substance in the lining of a woman’s suitcase

The cocaine found in the lining of a suitcase at Abu Dhabi international Airport.
Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Customs have thwarted an attempt to smuggle 2,051 grams of cocaine after suspecting it in a female passenger’s bag at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

At the terminal’s checkpoint, customs staff suspected the woman after her luggage was flagged for a routine x-ray scan which caused them to spot an abnormal density at the bottom of her suitcase.

Customs staff searched her bag and found a secret pocket inside the inner lining, which was sewn in a professional manner. The pocket was loaded with four plastic sacks wrapped in transparent adhesive. These sacks contained white powder, which was later identified as cocaine upon further examination, weighing 2,051 grams.

The cocaine was seized and the woman arrested.


The seizure reflects the vigilance and professionalism of security and customs system in collaboration with strategic partners, thereby protecting the security and stability of the society.