Stock Abu Dhabi Judicial Department
The ADJD building in Abu Dhabi. ADJD said that through its online service, people can apply for lawful succession notice. Image Credit: Courtesy: Abu Dhabi Judicial Department

Abu Dhabi: Expatriate residents of Abu Dhabi can now apply on the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department’s (ADJD) website to legally prove death of a family member and determine legal heirs and share of property.

On its social media channels, ADJD said the application allows access to other steps and procedures related to inheritance.

Through this service, you can apply for lawful successions notice, which means legally proving death and determining the legal heirs and their shares. This will allow applicants to avail the other services, such as establishing power of attorney in case of inheritance, determining inheritance inventory and distribution to heirs, assignment of shares [of property and assets] and other procedures of inheritance, ADJD said in a statement.

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Steps for application:

— Visit

— Submit the application through the available channels.

— Pay the fees, if any, after approval.

— Book an appointment to conduct remote video-calling process and complete the authentication.

— Upon completion of the process, you will receive the lawful succession notice through a link sent via SMS. It will also be available in the list of applications on the website.