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Fête Events: Crafting timeless memories with events

Fête Events crafts magical Hollywood and Bollywood events including weddings

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Over the past 11 years, Fête Events has organized and executed several tailor-made and sensational weddings around the world. Having gained international fame for its creative vision and artistic flair, Fête Events has won over 22 industry awards, executed events for celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood, and was named ‘best event company’ in the GCC in 2019.

The highly respected firm is known to create weddings that are memorable and magical experiences, perfectly planned and beautifully executed.

Fête Events believes in crafting not just events, but timeless memories and immersive experiences. The dedicated team is committed to weaving the fabric of cherished moments, ensuring that each celebration is a profound and unforgettable journey for our clients.

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The most spectacular event was a Sangeet Ceremony held at Atlantis, The Royal, Dubai. The color palette chosen for the occasion was a blend of bold black and shimmering silver, creating an atmosphere of sophistication and luxury. The ballroom was adorned with drapes made of black velvet, which added a touch of drama and elegance to the space. The dining tables were adorned with glittery black table linen, adding an air of glamour to the surroundings. What truly stood out were the unique circular feather structures suspended overhead, casting a captivating and dreamy ambience over the space.

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The oval black bar area was a striking focal point, brought to life by the play of LED lights that illuminated it, giving it a modern and chic touch. To complement the elegance of the evening, white floral arrangements were thoughtfully placed throughout the ballroom, enhancing the visual appeal and adding a touch of freshness. The stage, where all eyes were drawn, held a captivating charm of its own. The gently curved design of the stage, coupled with tastefully arranged podiums and beautifully arranged flowers, created a stunning backdrop for the festivities. This careful attention to detail contributed to an atmosphere of grandeur and celebration.

For all the attendees and for the team behind the event, it was indeed a night to remember. The combination of lavish decor, stylish arrangements, and the joyful atmosphere throughout the night made it a truly special event.

5 big trends in décor this season

Sustainable materials: Couples are increasingly looking for ways to make their wedding more sustainable, and this is reflected in the décor. Look for natural materials like wood, rattan, and linen, as well as recycled and upcycled items.

Personal touches: Couples want their wedding to be unique and reflect their personal style, so they’re adding more personal touches to the décor. This could include anything from using family heirlooms to incorporating their favourite colours, patterns, quotes or memories that they want to treasure.


Interactive entertainment: It is becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to connect with others and engage in a social setting.

Beyond the Ballroom: Redefining event spaces and showcasing Dubai’s natural beauty. From desert dunes to coastal elegance, creating breathtaking décor settings that defy convention.

Intricate detailing: We believe in the power of finely crafted elements, as they are the silent storytellers that captivate hearts and create a profound impact, turning every event into an exquisite masterpiece such as hand-painted and embellished flowers.

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