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Three lucky UAE residents bagged Dh333,333 each in the 22nd weekly draw of Mahzooz in Dubai. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News archives

Dubai: Three lucky UAE residents bagged Dh333,333 each in the 22nd weekly draw of Mahzooz. Afsal, who hails from Kerala, India, Khandrix from the Philippines and Mohammed from Egypt all matched five out of the six winning numbers during the live draw held on April 24.


The trio split the Dh1m second-tier prize. The winning numbers were 15, 21, 24, 37, 38 and 45.

One of the winners has been jobless for a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Afsal said he had a challenging year and the Mahzooz win could not have come at a better time. “I’ve been jobless for a year. With the prizemoney, I will start a small business to ensure a sustainable income for my family. I will secure the future of my children and family,” he added.

“My life has forever changed, thanks to Mahzooz. I will also definitely support those who are out of job because I’ve been there and I know what it means and feels to be an unemployed family man,” he added.

Joy to family and friends


Another winner, Mohammed, is a regular Mahzooz participant. He said: “I’ve been participating in Mahzooz since it was launched and have won the fourth prize multiple times. This win will help me tremendously in my daily life. I will pay off my credit card dues and be able to support my family in Egypt. Thanks to Mahzooz, I’m now able to bring joy to my family, friends and all those who are in need — especially during Ramadan. I will donate some money to cancer patients in Egypt,” added Mohammed, who has been living in the UAE since 2004.


He continued: “I could still recall that evening when I won big, I was suffering from a neck pain after iftar and before I took a pain-killer, it just came to my mind to check my Mahzooz account. And when I saw it, I was shocked. It took a while for the win to sink in. As a treasurer, I am used to seeing big numbers, but this was a different story. I cannot describe my feelings; I was instantly overwhelmed with happiness and my neck pain vanished!”

Meanwhile, the third winner, Filipino expatriate Khandrix, could not be reached by organisers for comments.

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How to join

The Dh50M first prize is still up for grabs. The next Mahzooz draw is scheduled on Saturday (May 1) at 9pm (UAE time). Entry price is Dh35. Entrants can participate by registering at Mahzooz website.