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A Tasjeel pilot at a drive-through express service at Sharjah Auto Village. Image Credit: Courtesy: Tasjeel Sharjah

Sharjah: The ‘Distinguished Fast Lane’ service for inspection of vehicles in Sharjah has achieved a satisfaction rate of more than 90 per cent.

The service was launched by the Licensing Department of Vehicles and Drivers of the Sharjah Police General Headquarters, in cooperation with the Tasjeel Village six months ago, for checking vehicles and renewing their registration. Customers felt it saved a lot of time and effort during the inspection process of their vehicles, with the drivers receiving the results of the inspection of the vehicle and paying the inspection fees without the need to leave his car, within five minutes.

Lt Col Mohammad Ahmad Al Mahrizi, Head of the Technical Inspection Department at Sharjah Police, said that this service came within the leadership’s endeavour to develop its services and provide them in an integrated manner that satisfies the customers, while preserving their health and safety as it reduced congestion inside the transaction completion hall. This is especially so since the launch coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The service is provided through the inspection lanes in the village of Tasjeel, as during the past 6 months more than 13,000 vehicles were examined that their ages were less than five years old.

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Lt Col Al Mahrizi indicated that the owner of the vehicle can complete the renewal procedures after receiving the results of the examination directly through the application of the Ministry of Interior.