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The Alef platform being used at a UAE public school. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The second annual edition of the Alef Education Award will recognise excellence in distance learning at UAE public schools.

In a statement, the education technology provider said its awards will be open in eight categories, with nominations closing on July 30, 2021.

The award was launched last year, amid the increase in distance learning implementation across the country following the COVID-19 outbreak. Sixty-seven winners were awarded in six categories during the 2019-2020 edition.

“The second edition of the Alef Education Award takes place at a crucial time for the UAE as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. As the UAE’s visionary leaders lay down the roadmap of continued success for the next 50 years, Alef Education wants to recognise champions of our local educational community who have excelled in digital education delivered through the Alef Platform,” said Geoffrey Alphonso, chief executive officer at Alef Education.

Geoffrey Alphonso

“As a leading global education technology provider that is empowering the 21st-century workforce, Alef Education leverages advanced technologies such as AI [artificial intelligence] and big data to provide personalised learning experiences for more than 120,000 students in the UAE, with the support of over 10,000 teachers across 400 schools. Through the Alef Education Award, we aim to encourage a digital learning growth mindset among schools and students to support the UAE’s vision for success in the next 50 years,” he added.

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There are eight main categories under the Alef Education Award for schools, teachers, students and parents. The categories are Alef Distinguished Student, Alef Most Improved Student, Alef Special Learning Needs/People of Determination Students, Alef Distinguished Teacher, Alef Distinguished School Leader, Alef Distinguished Cluster, Alef Most Engaged Parent, and Leading Figure in Society.