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With the new academic year starting in September and many of us reevaluating our career priorities, here are our tips to help you make the momentous decision of choosing the right university when the world remains uncertain.

Safe study destination

Dubai is a place we all call home and being a global business hub it continues to be a highly attractive destination to live, work and study. Your plans to study in the UK, US or Australia this year may be on hold, why not opt to study for one year in the UAE, until the situation becomes clearer and consider institutions where you can transfer your credits overseas in September 2022.

The right programme

The pandemic has caused widespread technological and social change, and employers want people who can upskill quickly. Targeting high-demand sectors is an ideal way to shape your learning pathway to change careers or secure your first job. However, keep your interests in mind – choosing a programme you are passionate about will motivate you! If you have completed your IGCSE ‘O’ levels you can join a Foundation programme and start your university studies 2 years ahead of previously planned. For postgraduate learners, there’s the added benefit of gaining specialist knowledge as you earn. Some universities offer Master’s entry via the work experience route if you do not have an undergraduate qualification.

Inclusive student experience

Students should look for educators who provide consistent learning and employability support at every stage of the University journey, from tailored advice when choosing a programme to leveraging industry networks to help find employment opportunities. It is also crucial to consider the events, sports clubs, and health services on offer – your social life and wellbeing are important parts of your university experience.

Academic Excellence Scholarships and Grants

Institutions are currently revising tuition fees and offering flexible payments, meaning students no longer have to interrupt their education as a result of financial pressures. It is vital to understand the total costs for your chosen programme, as well as how fees are paid on annual basis and your eligibility for scholarships and grants. Students joining university should consider Academic Excellence Scholarships and other grants available such as School Partnership Grants and Early Enrolment Grants, that substantially lower the overall tuition fees. This will enable you to afford to study at a higher quality university that you previously thought was not within your budget.

Programme duration

How long you study for will impact what you pay and when you enter the job market. If you want to begin your career as soon as possible or pursue postgraduate study, you need to consider studying a 3-year undergraduate degree to graduate in 2024. This way, you can enter the post-pandemic world with confidence and security without compromising on the standard of education.

At a time when prospective university students are facing concerns with cancelled or delayed exams, ensuring your education isn't put on hold is the number one priority. Connect with Middlesex University Dubai today to book your personalised advisory session and get support on the transition to university in September 2021. https://bit.ly/3b08u5N