Summer Rush at Mamzar Park Dubai
The event took place in conjunction with the ‘#DubaiDestinations’ campaign for the summer season Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The ‘Summer Rush’ event launched by Dubai Municipality at Al Mamzar Park has witnessed extraordinary success, drawing close to 82,382 visitors from various segments of the society.

The achievement reflects Dubai Municipality’s commitment to providing residents with a wide range of amenities for comfort and leisure, ensuring the prosperity and happiness of the community and achieving its objective to manage, plan and create an exceptional city for all residents and visitors.

The event took place in conjunction with the ‘Dubai Destinations’ campaign during the summer season. The campaign was aimed at introducing residents and visitors from around the globe to key attractions, activities and events all over Dubai, by highlighting the status of Dubai as one of the best cities in the world to visit and reside in.

The event was held between July 6 and 23, 2022, in line with the Eid Al Adha holidays. The success of the event demonstrates the municipality’s efforts in hosting unique recreational events in Dubai, driving a high level of customer satisfaction.

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Activities and services

The event featured a variety of recreational activities, such as family-focused tasks, stalls selling a variety of food, drinks and accessories, as well as entertainment and games for children in addition to the attractive photography corners and places within Al Mamzar Park, which spans more than 99 hectares. Al Mamzar Park is recognised as a modern beach park with unique views of Dubai’s golden sands on one side and its cultural sites on the other, making it a scenic location for visitors.

According to Dubai Municipality, it is keen to provide all facilities to the residents that allow them to enjoy a unique experience of visiting public parks and their recreational facilities. These initiatives help promote local tourism by offering services that ensure comfortable and convenient experiences for tourists. This further consolidates Dubai’s position as the best leisure destination and reflects the city’s superior recreational infrastructure.