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Dubai: Every month in the UAE, there is a story about a new millionaire — in most cases, a multi-millionaire.

And why shouldn't you want to join this elite club?

Here, we list all the chances you could take advantage of in the UAE, most particularly in Dubai, to become a millionaire when Lady Luck sprinkles some of that fairy dust on you.

And the best part? For many of these lucky draw options, you get to save money instead of spending it.

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Before we go further, always ensure that you are not being scammed on the pretext of winning millions.

Avoid responding to calls from unknown numbers claiming a millionaire draw or win, or clicking on links from non-verified sources.

Lucky draws in the UAE are conducted under the strict supervision of the authorities to protect the interests of all parties involved.

For the below-mentioned schemes, you must contact or visit the official website of the organisers before making a purchase.

1. Mashreq Millionaire

A savings scheme open to residents, visitors and tourists, the Mashreq Millionaire saving certificate is a simple, risk-free, capital-guaranteed savings scheme, according to the bank's website. One certificate is valued at Dh1,000 and this is also the minimum balance to be maintained.

However, each fresh transaction requires the saver or investor to buy at least three certificates — so Dh3,000. This gets you an entry to the draw for a million dirhams. You can then encash immediately (at a cost) if needed as long as you maintain the Dh1,000 balance. After three months, there are no fees for encashment of your certificate.

The millionaire draw is conducted quarterly, and the next one, according to the official website, is in December. There are also smaller prizes to be won. 

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2. ADCB Millionaire Destiny Savings

This scheme is simple — according to the bank's website — all you need to do is save Dh5,000 (minimum) and you're in the run for the monthly lucky millionaire draw.

The draw is conducted every month. There is no penalty on withdrawals from this account and every Dh1,000 over and above the minimum of Dh5,000 gets you another entry into the millionaire draw.

The last millionaire draw for this scheme was for the month of August.

3. Emirates Islamic Kunooz Savings Account

Yet another savings account scheme, all you need to do here is park your money in a specified type of account. For a million or Dh200k, or a luxury car (Tesla), an average account balance of Dh5,000 over a period of one month will ensure one entry into the draw.

For smaller prizes, you could save Dh1,000 for a day for one entry.

The last draw for this scheme was conducted on September 2 - the time period for this one seems to vary as seen on their winners' list on the website.

4. Big 21 promotion by National Bonds

There are just a couple of days left for this one with the next draw date set for October 28. According to their website, you could get an entry into their draw for as low as Dh1,000 - however it isn't clear if this guarantees you a spot in the millionaire bucket.

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5. Mabrook savings by CBI

In this savings scheme, a millionaire is chosen annually from holders of Mabrook Savings Accounts in Commercial Banki International (CBI). The minimum savings is Dh10,000 in the month before the draw, this guarantees one draw entry. There are also four Dh100k draws per year.

Every additional Dh500, after the Dh10,000, gets you an extra entry in the draw.

6. Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire

This initiative sees the lucky winner walk home with Dh3.67 million, or US$1 million. The draw was launched in 1999, and these past 20 years have witnessed many millionaire makeovers. The advantage of this one is that tickets are limited ù only 5,000 tickets have a chance to enter the bucket — and you can buy more than one for yourself.

The price of one ticket, that can be either purchased online or at Dubai Duty Free in Dubai airports, is Dh1,000 per ticket. Many residents take these up in groups, dividing the cost to as low as Dh100 per chance.

7. Big Ticket Abu Dhabi

One of the biggest prize amounts offered, Big Ticket draws are conducted every month with a final name being picked in the first week.

The draw itself is quite the grand affair, live streamed on their official social media channels. This month the prize is a grand 15 million, their biggest amount and a ticket will cost you Dh500. You can also get a combo offer for Dh1,000 — three tickets at the price of two.

A nice touch to the draw is the fact that the name of the winner is picked by the previous month's lucky millionaire. You can buy tickets online or in person from the Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ain Duty Free or Abu Dhabi City Terminal.

This information is based on the official websites of organisers and/or banks. Gulf News is not responsible for any changes, updates or misinterpretations of this information.