Afsal Chemban winner
Afsal Chemban, 31, was an ex-petrol attendant in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: At 31, Afsal Chemban, a former petrol attendant in Abu Dhabi has seen a 180 degree turn in his life. And all for good.

He won a staggering Dh1 million at a draw held at the Abu Dhabi International Airport recently, following the conclusion of the ‘Feel Good. Fly AUH’ campaign.

Chemban who hails from Malapuram District in Kerala, India, was announced as the winner on September 30. He received his winning cheque on Monday - October 14.

In an interview to Gulf News, Chemban said, "Some of [the] prize money will go towards charity, some for my sister's marriage, my brother's education and rest will be saved for my future with my wife."

"My parents have sacrificed their lives for my siblings and me. My father works in Dubai Asma driver and has worked hard to improve our lives. I owe them this win," he added.

Chemban worked as a petrol attendant in Abu Dhabi before being promoted to a shift supervisor for a petroleum company. "This money means alot to me. It has changed my life completely. I want to secure my future with this money," he told Gulf News.

No ticket, just a flight

Chemban said he did not buy a raffle draw. The deal from the organisers was that people had to fly through Abu Dhabi airport to get their names into the draw.

Chemban took a month-long vacation in July - August and his trip through the airport was responsible for his win.

Chemban said, “When I participated in the raffle draw organized by Abu Dhabi International Airport, I did not expect to win the grand prize, especially knowing that hundreds of thousands of other passengers would also be participating. I never thought that traveling through Abu Dhabi International Airport would change my life like this, and I am incredibly grateful. I would like to thank Abu Dhabi Airports, which in my experience has always tried to provide travelers with great services and has become my favorite airport from which to travel to and from the UAE.”

For the uninitiated, The ‘Feel Good. Fly AUH’ campaign started this summer and enabled passengers traveling through Abu Dhabi International Airport to enter a raffle draw for Dh1 million with the option of redeeming one of four exciting offers: a free Careem ride to AUH; a voucher for Dh100 to spend in Abu Dhabi Duty Free; a free VIP Terminal departure from AUH; or free 7 days parking service at the airport.

Bryan Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Airports, said: “At Abu Dhabi Airports we are delighted to provide our passengers with exciting and rewarding offers and opportunities, in addition to delivering a smooth and seamless travel experience.