20 minutes: Quick snack recipes to try this weekend

20 minutes: Quick snack recipes to try this weekend

From Indian homemade chiwda to Moroccan sable biscuits, here are a few recipes to try

Snacks under 20 minutes
Snacks in under 20 minutes Image Credit: Shutterstock

Snacks are delightful bites that satisfy cravings and keep us energised between meals. They come in countless flavours and forms, from crispy, savoury vegan popcorn to sweet coconut puffs. They serve as quick energy boosts during busy days, as companions during movie nights, and small moments of joy between meals. Snacking is the little happiness that reminds us that the simplest bites can sometimes bring the greatest joy. 

Homemade chiwda

Try making some homemade chiwda. This Indian snack is made using nutrient-rich poha, which is a type of flattened rice that is both filling and satisfying. With its flavourful spices and satisfying crunch, chiwda is the perfect snack to enjoy anytime you need a tasty pick-me-up snack. Try this recipe.

Chiwda Image Credit: Anupa Kurian-Murshed/Gulf News

Clam sandwich

Try this recipe for a savoury and spicy toasted clam sandwich, perfect as an appetiser or evening snack. Here's the recipe.

Clam sandwich recipe
Clam sandwich recipe Image Credit: Supplied

Banana Fritters

These delicious snacks are made with ripe bananas and fried until golden brown. Perfect for a lazy afternoon treat. Find the recipe.

Banana fritters
Banana fritters Image Credit: Shutterstock

Chilli Paneer Bao

Learn how to make Chilli Paneer Bao with a step-by-step video guide. This delicious dish features cottage cheese in a fiery sauce, paired with fluffy buns. Made under 20 minutes, it is a quick snack.

Chilli Paneer Bao by Farzi Dubai
Chilli Paneer Bao Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal/Gulf News


A favourite snack among kids, relished even by adults, is the crispy cheeselings, which requires only 5 ingredients. It is a quick snack that you can try at home. Here is a recipe.

Cheeselings by Cindy Mallier
Cheeselings by Cindy Mallier Image Credit: Supplied/Cindy Mallier

Onion fritters

These crispy onion fritters are double-fried to perfection ensuring a crisp and crunchy exterior with a soft and flavorful interior, making them a delicious snack. Here's the recipe. 

Onion pakoras
Image Credit: Supplied

Sweet coconut puffs

Indulge in a delicious treat with sweet coconut puffs. These fried dough casings are filled with coconut and make the perfect snack for tea time. Try this quick recipe.

Sweet Coconut Puffs
Sweet Coconut Puffs Image Credit: Shutterstock

Moroccan Sable biscuits

Have you tried Moroccan Sable biscuits before? They make for the perfect snack to enjoy with a cup of refreshing Moroccan green mint tea.

Moroccan sable Image Credit: Supplied

Vegan cauliflower popcorn

How about some vegan crunchy cauliflower popcorn? It consists of battered and fried cauliflower florets served with a delicious Indonesian sambal sauce. Sounds yummy, right? Here's the recipe.

Vegan crunchy cauliflower
Vegan crunchy cauliflower Image Credit: Shutterstock

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