Summertime means vacations, relaxation and quality time with friends and family. Use our guide to make the most of it! Image Credit: Unsplash/Ethan Robertson

Summer is here, in all its glory!

We know how difficult it is to focus on the things you need to do, when you’re feeling drained and dehydrated, or lethargic from the heat. Consider our summer shopping guide below, a cheat sheet of all the things you likely didn’t know you needed, this summer, from electronics and appliances to beauty supplies and viral travel hacks.

Even as the mercury climbs, there are several ingenious ways for you to stay cool and unwind. If you’re travelling this summer, we have some great options for you, with all the latest trending products to make your journey comfortable, efficient, and as memorable as your vacation destination.

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Stay cool: Refreshing gadgets, appliances, accessories and beauty picks

ice cream
Although it's scorching hot, you can stay cool with the right products. Image Credit: Unsplash/Kenta Kikuchi

10 best trending products to help you stay cool this summer

Gear up and find unique, innovative ways to keep yourself cool, from fans that you can wear around your neck like headphones, to gadgets that personalise the temperature of your mattress.

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5 best ice makers

If freezer ice trays are too small and inconvenient for parties or frequent summer drinks, consider countertop ice makers. They’re small, lightweight and produce restaurant-quality ice right at home!

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5 best trending wearable air conditioners and neck fans

What if you could take the cool air from your air-conditioned office or home, anywhere you go? It’s possible with bladeless neck air conditioners that have adjustable speeds and temperature settings.

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6 best water dispensers

Stay hydrated with freestanding water coolers that come in top- or bottom-loading varieties, and even countertop versions. The best include high-end features, like self-cleaning mechanisms, touchless operations and built-in cooling compartments.

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5 best ice cream makers

These versatile appliances make healthy homemade frozen treats, from creamy gelatos to fruity sorbets, and cool the entire family down in minutes. The best part is that you get to customise every batch!

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7 best summer sunglasses trends

Stop the squinting and embrace the sun with the latest sunglasses trends. There's something for everyone – from big, oversized sunnies, to bright and colourful ones, to sleek cat-like frames.

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7 best ways to humidity-proof your hair

Keep flyaways at bay and tame the frizz for good, with expert-approved hair care products that smooth and strengthen the hair, leaving it looking and feeling refreshed, even in peak summer.

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6 best tower fans to help purify the air

Vertical, space-saving fans are as powerful as their box or pedestal counterparts, and they often feature modern designs so they don’t take away anything from your room’s aesthetics.

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5 best soda makers for sparkling summer beverages

A glass of sparkling water with a slice of lemon could be your palette cleanser at dinner; add a bit of syrup, and you might just be able to ween off sugary soft drinks. All of this can be done at home, with a soda maker on the kitchen countertop.

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Travel smart: Clever gadgets and essentials for jet setters

From electronics to trending finds and holiday essentials, find our top travel picks below. Image Credit: Unsplash/Leo Visions

8 best trending tech gadgets that are game-changers when travelling

Whether you’re going on a long-haul trip to the other side of the world, or a weekend away with your friends, the tech you pack is essential in making it a relaxing and rewarding experience.

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5 best smartphones for summer photography

You don’t have to lug around separate cameras, their different lens attachments and accessories, when you’re vacationing. Today’s smartphones are more than capable camera phones, but some are better than the rest.

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7 best travel-sized skincare essentials that fit in your toiletry bag

Before you leave on your summer vacation this year, here are some travel-friendly skincare picks, based on top-rated reviews, that your body will thank you for.

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7 best budget tablets for travel

Tablets are versatile devices that offer entertainment, navigation, and productivity tools, all in a compact and portable package. So, which one should you opt for? We break it down to make your decision easier.

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5 best checked and carry-on luggage deals for travel

A solid suitcase can see you through the stress of airport carousels, and the wear and tear of bumpy cobblestone streets in foreign lands. But the most durable luggage doesn’t have to be the most expensive. We’ve rounded up some of the best luggage deals on Amazon, ahead of travel season.

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9 best travel items to stay comfortable on flights

A cramped, uncomfortable trip to one’s destination can sour anyone’s mood, especially on a long-haul flight. Our curated list offers highly rated items that work to keep you comfortable and relaxed on your next flight.

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14 best must-have gear to make travelling with kids easier

Every parent knows, bringing the right items on board with you can prevent boredom, and pre-empt any tantrums, where kids are concerned. Whether it has to do with feeding, soothing, cleaning or entertaining, we’ve got everything you need, on our list.

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Relax: Unwind with items that help you get into holiday mode

Do you find it difficult to switch off your brain, and just unwind? We've got several items to help you shake off everyday stress and make the most of your time off. Image Credit: Unsplash/Haley Phelps

7 best trending board games for summer

Kids aren’t the only ones who love a highly competitive board game. There are plenty of options out there for adults too, with something to suit every kind of mood and environment.

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7 best solar perfumes for summer

Solar scents – a global perfume trend that’s capturing everyone’s attention for its fresh, vibrant appeal – are here to stay. These mood-boosting fragrances create a memorable sensory experience that brings joy, so pick your favourite from perfumes on offer.

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7 best trending products to help you relax

Transitioning into vacation mode can be difficult, even impossible, for some people (read: workaholics). We highlight unique products that are not gimmicks, and will actually help you mindfully take a step back, slow down, soothe your senses, and finally relax this summer.

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7 best summer sandals for men

Your hard-working feet deserve a break this summer! The best sandals allow your feet to breathe, take up minimal space in your suitcase, and don’t compromise on quality, comfort, support and style.

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5 best summer sandal trends for women

Sandals are such a versatile shoe, they can come with a heeled or platform base for women, besides the classic thin flat sole. An expert guides us on summer sandal trends that keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

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7 best summer colognes and fragrances for men

Opt for trending lightweight accords in the summer, like aquatic or citrus notes. An expert guides you to your new signature summer scent, in this story.

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