Stock crime jailed murder robbery
Stock crime jailed murder robbery Image Credit: i stock

Abu Dhabi: An Egyptian butcher has allegedly brutally slashed his wife’s throat, dismembered her body and kept her parts in a freezer in their Giza apartment after she filed for divorce, local media reported.

The police received a tip-off that parts of a woman’s body were found in the freezer in her apartment. A security force immediately moved to the crime scene and found the body of the woman, identified as A.F., 37, a housewife, was chopped up, packed into bags and kept in a freezer, police said.

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A research team was formed to investigate the incident, and the detectives spoke to witnesses and neighbours of the victim. Police also collected surveillance camera footage.

By asking the victim’s family, they accused her husband of being behind the brutal murder due to differences between them.

They added that while a member of her family was checking on her, he detected a foul smell coming from the house, so they broke into it. Itturned out that the smell was coming from the kitchen. Inspecting the source of the smell, he found black bags, in which were body parts of the victim.

Investigations showed the husband of the victim, M. S., 40, a butcher, was behind the crime. After heated disputes between them, she filed for divorce, enabling her to have the marital house.

Investigations showed that the victim’s neighbours heard verbal altercations between the couple. An hour later, the husband left the house and did not return again.

Forensic lab experts collected fingerprints and blood samples from the crime scene.

The accused was arrested and referred to Public Prosecution for further investigation and trial.


Egyptian women are entitled to filing for divorce in court in several cases, among which are:

• Finding out that her husband suffers from an infirmity, whether mental or physical, that he intentionally withheld from her prior to the marriage.

• The husband practices violence or any type of harassment.

• Suffering from the consequences of her husbands’ drug addiction and alcoholism.

• Abandoning of the wife without reason.

• The husband’s refusal to provide for his wife and children.

• If the wife found out that her husband is already married, without him clearly stating it prior to the marriage.

• If the husband married another woman, without telling his current wife, given that notifying her was a condition in the marriage contract.

• If the wife was notified but refused the second marriage, given that one of conditions stated in their marriage contract is the wife’s agreement.

• The imprisonment of the husband for more than three years.

In case of divorce, given that all the legal conditions were fulfilled and finalised, a woman is entitled to:

• The deferred dower (Muakhar Al Sadaaq), which was agreed on in the marriage contract.

• All the wife’s assets in the marital home as written in the marriage contract

• A monthly alimony paid for three months, known as Al Eddah, which according to Shari’a, the period of time that a woman can’t get married for after a divorce. This period can be extended in case of pregnancy; so the woman in that scenario is entitled to monthly alimony until she gives birth.