Rain in Sharjah
Vehicles crawling through a flooded street in Sharjah on Wednesday. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Many parts of the UAE saw unstable weather conditions today. Rainy weather is expected to continue till 11pm tonight, but, will it be rainy over the next few days? Read on to find out.

On Tuesday night, the National Center of Meteorology, deployed aircrafts for cloud seeding when cumulus clouds were detected. Weather warnings of thunder and lightning were announced and the cloud seeding continued on Wednesday. This led to many parts of the UAE receiving heavy to moderate rainfall.

Will it rain on Thursday?

According to an NCM official: “Yes, there is a chance of rainfall tomorrow (Thursday) too.”

The official weather forecast said that Thursday will be: “cloudy to partly cloudy over some areas and, some convective clouds will appear during day times with a chance of rainfall." A detailed area report shows that coastal areas around Fujairah and some parts of Abu Dhabi may receive rainfall.

However, the weather may not be as unstable as it was today. The NCM official added that cloud seeding will continue only if "there are clouds that can potentially be seeded".

Cloudy weather, cloudy, clouds, rain in Ajman
Clouds hover above the city of Ajman on Wednesday. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Cloud seeding missions can only be carried out with cumulus cloud formations, so once they are identified, the NCM quickly launches aircrafts carrying salt crystals – mixed with magnesium, sodium chloride and potassium chloride – that are shot into the skies.

The salt crystal flares then encourages the formation and release of cloud moisture, which then turns into precipitation.

It is also expected to be windy with the speed of the wind reaching 50 km/hr at times. And, the sea along the coast of the UAE is forecast to be moderate to rough.

Weekend weather

The NCM said that today’s rainfall is expected to cause a significant dip in UAE temperatures. Friday and Saturday will see pleasant weather. It will be partly cloudy especially in coastal areas with a probability of some light rainfall and light winds across the country. And, in case you are making beach plans, “the sea will be moderate in the Arabian Gulf and in Oman Sea”.