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Dubai: The Ministry of Education has announced that, owing to unstable weather, all schools in Dubai and the Northern Emirates will be closed on Wednesday. Colleges and universities in the emirates have been given the discretionary power to chose if they will stay open. As for nurseries, many across the UAE have decided to give the children a day off.

The National Centre of Meteorology in the UAE predicted unstable weather for the upcoming two days. Residents can expect rain, with lightning and thunder, dusty winds and low visibility on the roads.

Under the circumstances, the government of Abu Dhabi has declared that all schools shall be closed in the capital.

NCM added in a statement that weather conditions on Tuesday evening show a high chance of rain, with convective cloud formations that could lead to rainfall as well as dusty winds.

Temperatures are also going to drop over the next two days - minimum temperature expected in Dubai is 23° C, and 22° C in Abu Dhabi, while the lowest minimum predicted in the country is 19° C in Liwa.

The road leading to Jebel Jais has been closed owing to bad weather. 

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Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) had earlier tweeted in its usual humorous fashion on Tuesday that schools would be open, unless respective school principals decided to announce a day off. KHDA says it is sticking with its stance that principals can choose whether to close their schools.

All private schools in Sharjah will close on Wednesday, according to Ali Al Hosani, Director General of Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA).

The American University of Sharjah (AUS) has urged students to check their email before departing on Wednesday morning.

Zayed University announced that its campuses in Abu Dhabi and Dubai will both be closed on Wednesday.

Abu Dhabi authorities sent out tweets about the conditions, saying residents should use the emergency contact number 993 to report any weather-related situations. Authorities have also informed residents to be careful and avoid sea-related activities during the period. The conditions in the Arabian Sea have been described as 'turbulent'. 

Abu Dhabi City Municipality also tweeted construction safety measures in preparation for rain.