Fog pictures in the UAE Image Credit: Twitter

It's a foggy ending to 2019 in the UAE. The National Center of Meteorology posted a weather alert last night for residents to be alert as the thick fog was expected to affect visibility on roads till 10.30 am

Generally, the weather in the UAE will be great for outdoor activity today. According to UAE weathermen, it will be mostly sunny and partly cloudy with lower temperatures.

The maximum temperatures in the country will be 25-28°C in internal areas, 24-27 °C in coastal areas. It will be cooler in mountainous areas with temperatures up to 12-18 °C.


If you are heading outdoors to celebrate New Year's eve and stay out to see the fireworks, take something warm along. Temperatures will dip towards night along with light to moderate winds. Minimum temperatures are expected to be between 9-17°C. Relative humidity will increase tp 90-95 per cent during the night, and on Wednesday morning over most internal areas and some coastal areas with a chance of fog or mist formation again.

Beachgoers can enjoy the day, the sea along the UAE's coastline will also be moderate. No warnings were issued.

Similar weather is expected in the first few days of 2020.