Dubai mosques are getting sunshades for worshippers' comfort and safety in summer heat-1625562519256
Dubai mosques get shades to safeguard worshippers from the summer heat Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Worshippers in Dubai have started praying in a more comfortably under new shaded areas at mosques thanks to a timely summer initiative.

The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai (IACAD) is providing additional shaded areas for worshipers who may otherwise have been exposed to direct sunlight, which may pose health risks during the hot UAE summer.

Outdoor sunshades have already been installed at 18 mosques in various areas of Dubai and more mosques are expected to be covered under the initiative.

Serving worshippers

IACAD director-general Hamad Al Sheikh Ahmad Al Shaibani said: “The initiative to set up external sunshades in various Dubai mosques within the framework of protecting and serving worshipers, especially in summer. The sunshades work to reduce the intense heat of the sun and it also contributes to achieving the distances between worshipers according to the requirements of precautionary measures [for COVID-19].”

Community effort

Mohammad Ali Bin Zayed Al Falasi, executive director of the mosques affairs sector of IACAD, said community members donated more than Dh1 million to build the sunshades. He added that IACAD is informing the public to contribute and donate to install sunshades to help reduce sun exposure on worshipers.

The public can contact the IACAD toll-free number 800600 to inquire and contribute towards building the sunshades at mosques.