Speeding car
Police officers calmed down the driver over the phone, made sure he was wearing a seatbelt and asked him to follow steps under guidance from the patrols. Photo of illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Pexels

Sharjah: A 22-year-old Emirati motorist whose vehicle’s cruise control got stuck at 120km/h on the highway from Khor Fakkan to Sharjah was rescued by a Sharjah Police team on Wednesday.

The Command-and-Control Centre coordinated with police patrols who managed to rescue the Emirati man. Sharjah Police Operation Room received a report at 2.10am saying that the cruise control of the man’s vehicle malfunctioning and had got stuck at 120 km/h. Accordingly, patrols were scrambled and they guided him about the procedures to be followed.

How he was saved

They made sure he was wearing a seat belt and urged him to remain calm, focus and stay attentive. He was asked to move to the fast lane and turn on the hazard lights of his vehicle. In addition to coordinating with the patrols on the road, to prevent any danger that could be posed by other vehicles that may be on his path, two patrols followed him, one in front of him and the other behind him.

To stop the Emirati’s vehicle without causing any injuries to its driver, the traffic patrol officer placed his vehicle in front of the Emirati’s vehicle until the two vehicles were attached to each other, and then gradually slowed the patrol’s speed until it stopped smoothly, without causing any injuries to the Emriati motorist.

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The Sharjah Police General Command called on motorists not to rely entirely on the cruise control, while making sure to abide by the speed limit, follow traffic safety instructions, and inform the operations room in the event of any emergency technical malfunction, and to ensure the general condition of the vehicles properly.