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Dubai: Most parks in Dubai are now officially open.

If you’ve missed being outside running on the grass, you can now access one of 70 different parks that in Dubai that opened their gates on Monday, May 18.

Most parks have their usual rules, such as no smoking, littering, no picking plants, no shisha and no camping, however an additional set of COVID-19 rules have been released as well.

1. Are you in good health?

Only leave your home if you are showing no symptoms of COVID-19. Do not endanger the health of others.

2. Are you wearing a mask?

All park goers have to wear a mask, including children. Park staff should also be wearing masks.

3. Are you wearing gloves?

Everyone should be wearing disposable gloves. Parks have many surfaces such as benches, and jungle gyms. All visitors have to be wearing gloves if they want access.

4. Are you practicing social distancing?

Everyone in the park has to practice social distancing. That means individuals should be at least 2 meters apart.

5. Do you have hand sanitiser with you?

You have to use hand sanitiser when going in and out of the park