Picture for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: Anoud Abdullah Al Hajj, a spokesperson from the Ministry of Education, said at a press briefing that the plan to reopen nurseries, schools and universities in the UAE in September is in place.

In order to ensure the management of COVID-19, there are to be strict protocols in place.

The guidelines include:

1. Temperature checks of students and teachers every morning.

2. Social distancing of two metres to be ensured at all times. Therefore, reduce the capacity of the classroom, both in universities and schools. A school bus to hold a maximum of 30 students.

3. Sterilisation of premises periodically.

4. Managment of meals according to specific guidelines issued by the ministry. No sharing of food to be allowed between students.

5. Cases of children with special health conditions will be monitored closely by the ministry.

6. Reducing gatherings and suspending group activities such as school trips, celebrations, sports and student camps.

7.  Maintenance and services crew are not allowed to enter educational institutions during the working hours.

The decision to reopen educational institutions comes soon after news of the UAE's COVID-19 daily recoveries outnumbering by far the number of newly-infected persons.