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A team of Dubai Police officers was rushed to the spot, along with ambulance patrols and Dubai Civil Defence personnel to rescue the man who was about to commit suicide. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Dubai Police rescued a man who attempted to commit suicide by slashing his wrist and trying to jump off the roof of his building.

According to Brigadier Saeed Bin Sulaiman, Director of Al Rashidiya Police Station, the 27-year-old man tried to kill himself in Al Warsan area of Dubai.

A team of Dubai Police officers was rushed to the spot, along with ambulance patrols and Dubai Civil Defence personnel.

“His neighbours told us that the man’s workmate had told him that he would lose his job. He was depressed over the news and decided to kill himself as he refused to return to his home country,” said Brig. Bin Sulaiman.

His friends said that he consumed alcohol and went right up to the edge of the roof of his building. He then slashed his wrist and sat quietly, preparing himself to jump off.

“A special negotiation team from Dubai Police kept talking to the man while other teams were placing a safety net below if in case the man jumped off the building,” Brig. Bin Sulaiman added. After three hours of negotiation, the man was finally convinced to step back from the edge of the building.

“We asked the owner of the company [where the man was employed] to come and talk to him. The owner then spoke to the man and assured him that there wasn’t any such decision to terminate him. Meanwhile, a rescue team managed to catch the man and foil his suicide attempt,” added Brig. Bin Sulaiman.

The man was moved to hospital and later to Dubai Public Prosecution for further investigation. He told police officers that the roof door was open due to some maintenance work that was being carried out in the air-conditioners and that was when he sneaked to the roof.

“There were more than 50 members from Dubai Police, Dubai Civil Defence and ambulance to prevent the man from killing himself,” said Brig. Bin Sulaiman.

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Suicide attempts last year

Al Rashidiya Police Station recorded two attempted suicides by expatriates in 2020, mainly over financial problems in their home countries. Brig. Bin Sulaiman urged workers and others to communicate with Dubai Police, labour committees and all other authorities concerned to try and solve their problems through negotiations as the UAE is always keen on ensuring the welfare of workers and safeguarding their safety.