A Ramadan tent, earlier. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Team (ECDMT) in Sharjah has issued a set of directives for forthcoming Ramadan, aiming to persevere the safety of the community amidst the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

These decisions include restrictions on family or institutional Iftar tents and public gatherings for Iftar banquets, offering or distributing Iftar meals in front of restaurants, at assembly points, in front of homes and mosques or through vehicles and other means.

ECDMT has also imposed restrictions on advertising or offering special deals for Iftar meals by all means and limited the distribution of meals or in-kind assistance to needy families only through official charitable bodies accredited in the emirate.

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Field teams will be constituted by the authorities concerned to intensify their inspection and monitoring campaigns during Ramadan. The ECDMT also called on all members of the community to cooperate to maintain the health and safety of the community and contact (901) or e-mail covid19@shjpolice.gov.ae to report any violations.