From left: Winners Esper, Mark Anthony and Susie. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Luck smiled widely on six Filipino expatriates who won a total of Dh377,777 during the 78th weekly Mahzooz draw in Dubai.

Mark Anthony, an accountant from the Philippines, was one of the lucky winners in the Dh100,000 raffle drawl; while five of his countrymen, including a nurse, brought home Dh55,555.55 each after matching four out of the five winning numbers (5-10-14-33-37) for the second-tier prize.

Mark Anthony said: “When a former colleague called me on the night of the draw, I was not able to pick up his call. I then received a message from him, conveying the happy news about the win. I immediately opened the Mahzooz app on my phone to verify the results and I was so surprised to find my name among the winners. It was an indescribable moment.”

“The prize money will most likely go towards the education of my three kids and the rest to renovate our family house in the Philippines. This is a gift I was not expecting, and I am very grateful for it,” he added.

Surprise and gratitude

Susie, a nurse who works at a medical facility in Abu Dhabi, was also surprised of her Dh55,555 win. She said she will save the prize money.

Another second prize winner, Esper, who works as an accountant, said she is very thankful to Mahzooz. She will use her money to repair her parents’ house in her home country.

Three other Filipinos shared a slice of the Dh2 million second prize and received Dh55,555 each. There were 36 winners who matched four out of the five winning numbers. Apart from the winners from the Philippines, the Dh2 million was shared among participants from Egypt, Cameroon, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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How to participate?

The top prize of Dh10 million is again up for grabs in the next Mahzooz live draw that will be held on June 4, at 9pm (UAE time). Entrants can participate by registering on the Mahzooz app and website, and purchasing a bottle of water for Dh35.