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Shiroy (from left to right), Erasmo and Syed are the latest winners of Dh100,000 each in the Mahzooz Draw

Dubai: Syed, a 52-year-old Pakistani taxi driver in Dubai, was left speechless after seeing his name flashed on screen, saying he won Dh100,000 in the 76th Mahzooz weekly draw.

“I started participating in Mahzooz around six months ago at the recommendation of my friends,” said Syed, adding: “I was lost for words when I saw my name and raffle ID flashed on the screen during the raffle that I was watching live on YouTube.”

Syed said he will definitely put his money to good use. “Beside paying off my loan, I want to make sure that my family and my brother’s family are taken care of. I am so thankful to Mahzooz for this amazing, life changing event,” he added.

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Dh2.7 million total prizes

Two other expatriates won Dh100,000 each in the same draw while 26 other lucky participants took home Dh76,923.07 each, after sharing the Dh2 million second prize by matching four out of five winning numbers (15-26-32-40-48). A total of 1,165 third prize winners got Dh350 each. While no one won the Dh10 million grand prize, a total of Dh2,707,750 were distributed among 1,194 winners last week.

Another raffle draw winner is Erasmo, a 44-year-old Filipino engineer who is a regular Mahzooz participant in the past two years. He said: “I got a call from my friend Mark on Saturday evening. I didn’t believe him when he told me I had won Dh100,000 as I thought I was being pranked. When I verified the news, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was so overwhelmed and had goosebumps!”

“I am a father of one child and my wife is currently expecting another baby. Now I can rest assured that my children’s future will be secured,” he added.

Capital for forex trading

Abu Dhabi resident Shiroy, 36, who is originally from Australia is also now Dh100,000 richer. He said he is planning to invest the prize money in forex (foreign currency exchange) trading, after thoroughly studying his options.

He said he participates in Mahzooz every other week. “I initially had my eyes on the Nissan Patrol that Mahzooz raffled during the Eid weekend, but luck had a different plan for me that night. But here I am, taking home Dh100,000!” he added.

How to join?

The next Mahzooz live draw will be held on Saturday, May 14, at 9pm (UAE time). Entrants can participate by registering on Mahzooz app and website, and purchasing a bottle of water for Dh35.