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If becoming a millionaire is a dream for you, as it is for most people, you can buy some self-help books such as The Millionaire Next Door, Think and Grow Rich, and Rich Dad Poor Dad to get the best tips from the world’s best personal finance advisors. You can also listen to Tony Robbins, Dave Ramsey or Robert Kiyosaki’s motivational speeches or attend financial workshops to improve your money management skills. But if you prefer shortcuts, you can choose Mahzooz.

Mahzooz, which means lucky in Arabic, is the UAE’s leading weekly live draw and the GCC’s first true dream maker that has been creating millionaires and transforming thousands of lives through its sizable weekly wins and solid community outreach programme.

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With more than Dh190 million in prize money given away to over 160,000 winners so far, Mahzooz has already created 22 millionaires and has made dreams come true for those who participate in its weekly draw.

Participating in Mahzooz

For only Dh35, you can buy a water bottle on to qualify for a line in the weekly Grand Draw, where you stand a chance to win Dh10 million. You automatically enter the Raffle Draw where three guaranteed winners take home Dh100,000 each, every single week. That’s twice the chances for your dreams to become real.

Match and win

To be the Grand Prize winner, you need to match your five chosen numbers with the five winning numbers that the host will draw live on air. If you end up matching four numbers, you, as well as others who have chosen the same numbers, could win Dh1 million divided among the winners. If you strike three out of five winning numbers, you will get Dh350.

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Up until its 76th draw, Mahzooz has seen the participation of 177 nationalities representing 122 countries, all dreaming the Mahzooz dream and hoping to make their dreams a reality. Those realities have ranged from building houses, setting up businesses and supporting families to doing charity in the community where the winners live. You also can become the next Mahzooz millionaire this weekend and make your own new reality.

So, this coming Saturday, May 14, at 9pm, after you get your entries ready, simply gather family and friends and watch the live draw on or @MyMahzooz on Facebook and YouTube to find out if you are one of the lucky winners. The show is hosted by Lebanese TV personality Wissam Braidy, Indian model and entrepreneur Aishwarya Ajit, Emirati presenter Ali Al Khajeh, and Emirati TikTok sensation Mozah Al Ameri.

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