The Riyadh Global Digital Health Summit will take place from August 11-12. Image Credit: Agency

Cairo: Saudi Arabia will host a major health event next week as part of its current presidency of the G-20.

The Riyadh Global Digital Health Summit, scheduled for August 11-12, aims to bring together leaders of healthcare systems, public health, digital health, academic institutions and businesses in order to discuss the vital role of digital health in the fight against current and future pandemics, a Saudi official has said.

“This two-day global scientific event was well-structured to represent all aspects of digital health and to ensure a wide participation from experts across the world,” added Bandar AlKnawy, the summit president


The summit is organised by the Saudi Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs in collaboration with Saudi Centre for International Strategic Partnerships.

“This virtual international digital health summit will be a landmark forum in order for the digital technology and innovation to be a cornerstone in a resilient global healthcare system of the future,” added AlKnawy, the Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs Chief Executive Officer.

Last March, Saudi Arabia hosted a virtual emergency G-20 summit on the global new coronavirus pandemic during which leaders of the bloc voiced commitment to work as a united front to contain the fallout from the coronavirus.